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Life in motion

March 23, 2013

The other day, I realized that it has been nearly two weeks since I wrote a blog entry, and the last one was rather heavy. So what is going on – do I no longer have any thoughts on which to ruminate, any questions to ponder, any observations to note?

No, I still have plenty of those. On a daily basis, I make a million mental notes, some of which are along the lines of “this would make a great blog entry”. Unfortunately, these fleeting thoughts are quickly chased away by others and I have lost another opportunity on which to explore the minutiae, the unusual, the noteworthy, and the interesting details that make up life as I know it.

The fact of the matter is, I have been busy. I just finished my second full week at work. I am getting used to waking up with a “5” or a “6” on the clock. I am working at a social life and exploring the myriad of things that DC has to offer. By the time I get home, I usually have just enough energy to drink some water, get ready for bed, and perhaps read or watch a streaming tv show.

Life in motion. I feel as if mine has gone from 10 to 100 in a short amount of time. I am not saying that to complain; indeed, I realize just how lucky I am to have found employment so quickly in a company that is growing at a rapid pace, working for someone who seems to appreciate the things I bring to the table (even as he reminds me that he likely won’t be able to utilize all of my skills immediately). I am living in a location that allows me to walk to anything from a number of grocery stores to shopping and restaurants, which is also near the metro and the bus stops. I am making friends – slowly but surely, I am finding a place in this metropolitan area. I am living a life that resembles the one I have wanted for so long to live.

And I am happy. I was talking to someone last week on the phone and I said that I do not remember the time I was genuinely happy. I wake up looking forward to the day, I am committed to remaining positive in my daily life and interactions with others. I believe in myself as a professional, daughter, sister, friend. It feels a bit strange, to be honest. I sometimes wonder if it will last, this feeling.

I also have many moments of surrealism, where I wonder if the last three years really happened; other times I am reminded in force that it did – especially when elements of culture shock hit me. It is at these moments that I think “I should really write about that”. So I am recommitting to my blog, and though Passover is fast approaching, I plan to return to writing in this blog as a way of processing, sharing, and even entertaining (I could write so many things about riding public transport…).

Life continues, whether fast or slow. Mine has sped up a bit but I have to say, I am enjoying it.

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  1. March 24, 2013 3:28 am

    Hi Karn, so nice to hear you are haooy!! And live the life you were lounging for… GREAT!! Her in SU it is as always. Sun, moskito’s and rain… The dogs are doing well and today I have a trip to Pikin Sranan, the botanical garden, Surinat and the KOTO museum with 15 people. Just was looking if I had some mail, and found yours. If you like I can give you a call, send me your number. Have a good week and SHANA TOVA! (do you have a place to have seider?) Bye

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