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September 17, 2012

After being diagnosed with Bronchitis last week (and luckily catching it early), I was supposed to rest. To me, that meant still going to the PC office to work and taking some of the last sessions of my language class. This was a bad idea, of course, because by the end of the week, I was dragging. So I took some of the magical medicine that the doctor gave me (cough medicine and NyQuil, after all of the antibiotics were gone) and went to bed on Thursday night. I did not set my alarm.

I slept 11 hours Thursday night. After doing so, and waking up exhausted, I decided to stay in bed on Friday. Giving up the opportunity for a rare social night out is becoming difficult but I didn’t see the justification in staying in bed all day and going out at night, so I took more medicine Friday. And slept another 11 hours that night. Okay, enough of the NyQuil – damn, that stuff is effective in ensuring that you get some rest!

Saturday night I ventured out for a preview to an art exhibit that is opening in November. It was interesting, but I do find it hard to not mentally check out when I only understand part of what is being said – if anything at all, depending on the speaker.

Why do people mumble when they are speaking publicly? Don’t they realize that even native speakers may have a difficult time understanding them? One of the speakers was really good at the mumbling, and the chairs were uncomfortable, and there was a cat roaming around…so I got distracted. Overall, it was interesting but I was ultimately glad when the program was done and I was able to socialize with the people I went with. I also got to visit a place in Paramaribo, where I cannot afford to eat (American prices, but oh, the steaks they were cooking smelled heavenly) or let’s be honest, drink. I got a water and enjoyed the conversation. I was also was reminded of how loud Americans are when out in public and drinking when I heard a group from halfway across the restaurant.

Well, some stereotypes are true, as it turns out.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling better and went to my last Sunday Yoga class – sad! The woman from the Embassy who conducted them is moving on to another country. Then it was a swim day! One of the PCVs here in Suriname lives across the river and has a pool near her, so a group of us spent the day swimming, playing, and relaxing together.

It was a good day, even though I am apparently not ENTIRELY over the Bronchitis (I had to get out of the pool to catch my breath during our game time). I learned how to play Jenga (no, I have never played it before), got to swim (reapplied sunblock numerous times to avoid sunburn), ate a good meal, spent time with some good people.

On our way back over the bridge to Paramaribo, we were stuck in traffic and got to see a light show. This was mixed news – the rain is definitely welcome here in the hot/dry season (and it is getting HOT here). The mixed part…I got to bike home in the rain…not a BAD thing – actually a welcome thing – the rain felt good.

Today I will be attending a Surinamese funeral for my counterpart’s husband, who lost his battle with Cancer last week. Another new, though sad, experience.

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