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September 3, 2012

Last week was a good week.

I have been, since coming to Suriname, making more efforts to be social. Honestly, if people who knew me in the U.S. for the past five years before Peace Corps, or some from Peace Corps Ukraine, saw me now, they would be surprised because I am in many ways a different person. I am making efforts to continue my self-development. It is easier for me to be relaxed here, though – you are forced to because of the weather. For example, in the U.S., I walk rather quickly – I just do. Here, you are forced to walk slowly because you sweat when you walk anyway, and if you walk fast, you just sweat more. And after all, what’s the hurry?

Last week on Sunday was the Kojo ceremony. On Monday I had to clean my little place. I managed to get some socialization in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in addition to my Yoga and Dutch class. Saturday I went to services and there was a rabbi and friend visiting from the U.S., so I ended up spending time with them, then working for a few hours, then going to see a movie with a bunch of PCVs. And yesterday I went with the same rabbi and a few other people to the Jodensavanne (blog post tomorrow so I can upload to an album).

Part of the reason I was able to be so social was because there were people in town with whom I could. I am finding that through the synagogue I have met people who are here for a few days or a week, and I have made efforts to befriend some expats and a few locals (expats are easier, but very busy), and when PCVs are in town I may hear about it (like on Sat).

This week I am continuing that trend by visiting a friend today for the night. My organization has closed the office for the week so I am feeling free to roam a bit. I’ve also realized that I have been in this country for eight weeks and because I have been working six days a week, I have not left Paramaribo! I need to start visiting people in the interior so I can see more of this country!

So here I am, eight weeks in. If things continue to go well at work and otherwise, I would consider extending my service…we will see how life goes.

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  1. September 3, 2012 7:56 pm

    EXTENSION?!?! What the what! 😉

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