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One of those days

August 14, 2012

This morning, when the alarm rang, it was one of those mornings where you hit “snooze” a few times. I just could not wake up, and had to make myself do so because I thought I had a meeting (which I was leading) at 8:30. So I dragged myself out of bed, got washed and dressed, and tried to wake up.

While I was getting my breakfast together, I noted that I had had the soy milk in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. As I am not sure how soy milk goes “bad” or when, I decided to shake it up and find out. I found out all right…the top opened, and it went everywhere – all over me, the floor, the counter.

So…change clothes, clean the floor and counter, dump the rest of the soy milk. I felt like my morning was already being “reset” and was hoping the rest of the day would go better! So far, no major tragedies have followed (then again, I’ve only made it to work. The day is still young). For some reason, it “feels” like one of those days where anything could happen to mess up your routine, just because that is how life goes.

Other than the minor mishap this morning, things are going pretty well. I am trying to move on after having a rough week last week – but Saturday turned out to be a good day. The participants of one of the programs I work on had an event, which went well and garnered press coverage (we made it to the news and newspaper), then I went to the home of a woman who hosts lunch every Saturday. One of her sons has remodeled a house and invited me to see it – it is one of those places you don’t want to leave. Even on a very warm day, the veranda was breezy, and in the corner he has a koi pond, with a waterfall over rocks. I told him I was going to move in and stay in his guest room :), and that the only thing I was missing on the veranda was a glass of white wine.

The downside to that visit was that I had my “nice” pair of sandals (remember, I am still a Peace Corps Response Volunteer and don’t have endless supplies of shoes or money) and he has puppies. To make a long story short, one of the puppies decided to practice chewing on one of my sandals.

Sigh. Serves me right for taking them off (trying to be polite) when I went into the house, when there were puppies around. In my own defense, it has been many years since I have had a puppy, and I forgot how destructive they are. So…the shoes are in bad shape, and are nice, so would be very expensive (for me) to replace. Well…lesson learned.

Yesterday after work the same woman took me to the place where she gets her hair colored. Mine faded pretty fast and I decided I wanted to try to enhance the red. So I went with her, they used two boxes of color on my hair (one box was just not enough) and left the color on for nearly an hour. Here’s the result.

And…the hot season seemed to have started, as it has been not only getting hot during the day, but starting out that way in the morning. As in, by the time I get to work I am sweating more than normal, and a longer bike ride gets me to my destination dripping. Some of that is because I also usually have my computer on me, which adds to the weight I am carrying, but still…I am getting used to being sweaty most of the time (except on pleasant verandas with koi ponds). It really is not the temperature, though – I mean, in Farenheit it is only around 80 right now, but with 89% humidity, well, it feels warmer.

I’ve been told that the seasons are all mixed up, that it would not have rained like it did last night if it was already the hot season. Still, it feels rather warm to me, especially out in the sun. And the sun itself – whoo…it’s strong! People find it amusing that I seek shade whenever I can. What can I say…I don’t mind being white, but I don’t so much like being burned red.


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