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August 10, 2012

It’s been a bit of a challenging week. I cannot say exactly why…but it has been hard to maintain a positive attitude and disposition this week. Maybe it is because I’m not feeling 100% physically…certainly I have not felt 100% emotionally. So basically, I have been in a place where it would be nice if people were understanding.

I find it interesting though, that when I am not feeling so great, and need patience, I don’t really receive it. Are we so intolerant of each other’s ups and downs that we leave people out when the person has a bad day or two, and really needs the kindness of others? It seems so. It seems that people are so quick to judge and exclude a person. If this were “Survivor”, I think I would have been voted off the island – just for having a few days where I am not happy and smiley.

It has not been a BAD week in terms of events though. On Monday night I went to an exhibition sponsored by the Embassy – a man from Suriname went to a Pow Wow in South Dakota and they exhibited some of his photos. It was related to yesterday’s Day of Indigenous Peoples holiday here and around the world. While I was talking to another person from the U.S., a woman came out onto the deck area and introduced herself. Finally, a name I can remember as it is the same as my sister’s!

So meeting her was nice. Yesterday I went to the celebration for the holiday and she met me there after a few hours (and many photographs).

With the girl who gave me the headband I am wearing

I also got another nice story from the event. It rained off and on for much of the day, and during one of the periods of rain, she and I were taking shelter under a vendor’s tent. The girl who was sitting there told me “I like your eyes”. This is a compliment I love to hear – the people who say it are always sincere, and not usually talking about the color (because people assume my eyes are brown. They are not). A little while later, she said “I have something for you” and proceeded to pull a headband out of her purse, then tied it around my head.

Such a small, generous gesture touched my heart greatly. It brightened my week, and reminded me how much small kindnesses (especially those from strangers) mean.

Photos from yesterday’s event, plus others I have taken in Paramaribo, can be found on Picasa.

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  1. Mom permalink
    August 10, 2012 12:27 pm

    Karin, I don’t know what the above movie has to do with your blog, but I find it offensive.

    I have had the same experiences you have, i.e, whenever feeling low, tired, not well or injured, that’s the time someone pounces with negative energy or meanness. Kind of like wolves to injured prey. Just look at it that way and remember that you are the better person for not responding to their negativity.

    Hope you’re better today. You are loved.

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