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Being in Bangkok

December 13, 2011

So what exciting things have I been up to in the past couple of days?

Not a whole lot!

Yesterday I had some “business” to do in the first part of the day, then decided to head toward the Grand Palace. Well, I learned that taking a bus in certain parts of this city is not the brightest of ideas. At one point, we sat at one stoplight for 20 minutes. Honestly, I think I could have walked there faster than it took on the bus. So although I was NEAR the Grand Palace yesterday, I did not actually go in.

Lesson learned – don’t take that bus to the GP. On my way out of that area, I took a water taxi to the sky train instead. More pleasant on the water anyway…

That was the extent of yesterday’s activities. Today I spent the day in the Peace Corps office, mostly waiting to get access to the PCs so I would not have to pay for Internet and would be able to use it for more than 3o minutes at a time. Well…that did not happen. So I will have to try THAT another time.

At this exact moment, I am at a cafe, using their Internet. I tried McDonald’s but they wanted to charge me for the Wifi in addition to charging me for my food. Pass….I can get cheaper food and pay the same for Internet at my hotel. Though a hamburger was sounding good.

And now my computer is about to die…so this will be posted and off I go.


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