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On a hot streak

October 11, 2011

Today was a good day. I like being able to write that. I like it when the good days come – somehow it mutes the effects of the bad or so-so ones.

My morning entailed me waking up without an alarm and laying in bed, watching “House” dubbed in Ukrainian. Then it was up to get some work done and prepare for my guest lecture. The guest lecture which went very well. I don’t know if it was the group of students, or if I was just HOT today, or a combination of both, but they really loved my guest lecture on Public Speaking.

But THEN, things got hot. Literally. I met up with my friend Anna and we went to a sauna with a friend of hers. Although we did not get beat with a birch branch, we had a nice two hours using the sauna, then relaxing in the dining area, chatting, using body scrubs and masks, and generally pampering ourselves a bit. Her back was hurting so I broke out my now rarely used massage skills and helped undo the knot that was troubling her. Into the sauna, into the pool or shower, over to the dining area, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

These saunas are not like those of my youth, where it seemed that people almost competed to see who could stay in the longest, and I never lasted long before feeling like I was going to pass out. Here, it is a team sport, you could say – none of us wanted to see who could last the longest – we were there to relax and socialize.

After two hours of that, we were relaxed, scrubbed and fresh. Luckily, it is not too cold out yet, so walking back to Anna’s was not bad.

I like seeing Anna more often than I used to. It is nice to have a friend my age, I get to feel like a normal, sociable person, and I get to practice my Russian. Which of course I still feel like I am struggling with. I am once again on the hunt for a tutor.

This may sound like an ordinary day to people, but I like the days that go well, rather than slowly, or terribly. I like feeling somewhat normal. And I smell good too!

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  1. R. Strina permalink
    October 17, 2011 7:36 am

    Hi Karin! I had to smile while reading your last sentence: “And I smell good, too!” 😉 Your description of the day does indeed sound good as well! It’s always encouraging to read a summary of your good days, your exciting days and in this case a relaxing day! We all deserve those days now and again! Here in MN, it’s getting cold in the mornings, the days warm up to mid 50s lower 60s, but it’s definitely cold in the morning! Sending greetings, Renate 🙂

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