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September 27, 2011

I love this photo, and it is included in the exhibition

A few months ago, I, along with three other Americans and about thirty Ukrainians, went on a photo excursion to Haivoron/Gaivoron, Ukraine. Though it was a bit chilly, it was a great week, and we had some crazy, fun, silly, wonderful times there. After the excursion, we were told to select a certain number of photos and send them to the person who arranged the excursion, as there was to be an exhibit in the fall.

Challenger for my favorite photo from Gaivoron, and also included in the exhibit

Spring turned to summer. We each submitted our chosen photos, and though it was always in the back of my mind, this exhibit, it was easy to not have it as a priority – after

all, in the beginning of May, a vague term like “in the fall” does not mean a lot – that could be anytime in September, October, November…

Recently I found out that the exhibit was indeed happening, and was to open today. After some confusion as to who was to print the photos, how many photos would be included, etc. we found out that each of us was to have five photos included in the exhibition.

So after meeting with the university this morning to determine what my guest lecture schedule would be for the fall (and determining that I will need to develop all new materials for all new topics! Ah well, someone else can use my other materials), I headed down to the museum.

Photo three in the exhibit. Looked better in black and white than it did in color!

Museum? Did I say museum and not library? Indeed. Our exhibition, though short (it is only there for a week, unfortunately) is at the Kirovograd Art Museum. It is a feeling I cannot describe, that five of my photos are featured in a museum exhibit, even if it is a short one! Theodora came from Smila with five students and a teacher for the opening, and ended up being interviewed by the local television station (they did not interview me this time).

Photo four in the exhibit

I found it interesting that I was asked to speak at the opening, and indicated that I could do so in Russian. The man did not look pleased. He wanted a Ukrainian speaker, I guess. So I arranged to have someone help me in Ukrainian, and the irony is, half of the people taking part in the opening spoke Russian! As for the man who requested that I participate but did not want me speaking Russian, he offered to take us on a tour of the museum after the exhibit opening – and he conducted the tour in Russian!

Seriously? I cannot win with this language thing…

In any case, yes, I took part in the opening ceremony, which means that even though I was not interviewed, I will end up on television anyway. Again!

Photo five in the exhibit.

Suffice it to say, today was a pretty good day. I even have a houseguest of sorts – a beautiful cat that was brought in to get rid of the mouse that decided my living quarters seem like a good place to be. I do not agree with the mouse, even less so since I saw that it ate through two plastic bags to get to my bread. Hmm. So this morning I brought out the gnawed-on bread, showed it to the woman who runs the dorm, and told her I have a mouse.

What was her suggestion? Let’s bring in a cat! Luckily my loaner cat is someone’s pet, so he is clean and friendly. I told her the mouse comes out at night, so apparently I get to keep the cat at least for a few days, until he finds the mouse. The bummer is, I am reminded of how much I miss the cats I had for nine years. I guess pets are in my future again at some point.

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