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Up in the trees

August 7, 2011

What has happened since our visit to the Sudak Fortress?

Though yesterday was a Saturday, it was a work day for us and because part of our job is to keep the children occupied and entertained, our afternoon activity was “Water Day”. Suffice it to say, the point of the activity was for the kids to get wet…and provided some good photo opps. Our evening activity was “twin day”, which was a mystery to me until it was explained to me that it was basically a talent show, and some people used the twin theme, others not.

Up in the trees

Because today is Sunday, there were no classes today, and instead we took an excursion to “Old Crimea”. The first place we went to was called Skyway Park, which is basically one of those adventure-type places where you get harnessed up and walk around in the trees on wires and such. In a normal instance, this would not sound fun to me. However, as I had the harness and was always attached to wires, so one false move and I was not a pancake on the ground, I was fine. Had fun, actually, and at the end when we took the zip line down, I was the only one who actually jumped off the platform.

Following that (and really, how can you follow that? But it was only our first activity of the day) we went to a monastery. Now, I am accustomed to wearing a head covering when entering places of worship here, and have no problems with that. But today I was wearing cropped pants, and when I entered the building, the man who was conducting the tour told me I could not enter until I was wearing a skirt (they also provide fabric for that). Well, that was a little too much for me, so I said “I’ll wait outside” and left, and was followed by one of the students who told me he does not like churches and was happy to leave as well. Apparently my leaving and being outside meant that he was able to go too.

The monastery turned out to be a short visit, and then we were off to the Tatar Museum, and then off to a woman’s home where we had a feast and watched belly dancing.

That reminds me…I have not seen a mosque since I was in Cairo – no great surprise – until I came to Sudak. And we even heard the call to prayer while we were at Skyway Camp. It was interesting to see a little bit of diversity 🙂

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