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Prague, Day One

July 2, 2011

First full day in Prague!

After awakening and having bit of a slow morning, we set out to explore the city a bit. Luckily for us, we have Jen as our guide, who lives and works in Prague. The first thing we saw was a memorial to the victims of communism. It was really interesting, and powerful after you knew why it was the way it was. It starts with a full man, and with each subsequent sculpture, more of the man disappeared, representing the toll that totalitarianism takes on a person’s soul.

On a scenic overlook in Prague

From there it was over to the funicular, which we took up to the top of Petrin hill, and where the roses were in full bloom. On Petrin hill we also checked out the mirror maze, and saw the CR’s version of the Eiffel Tower (though we did not climb up the tower). From there we walked by the vineyards of Strahav Monastery, had a snack, then saw the Loreto (though we did not go inside). From there we walked through the grounds of the Prague castle, got some more photos, then it was down the hill, to the Wallenstein garden, across a bridge, and to the old town of Prague.

In the old town I had wanted to see the Astronomical Clock, and did not even need to ask where it was because I saw all of the people watching the clock strike the hour. Guidebooks make a big deal out of the clock, and say to make sure to see it strike the hour. Truth be told, the hourly change is something that can be missed. However, the clock IS beautiful and I am glad we stopped by.

At this point, we had done some snacking during the day but we needed a real meal…and after that, with

With Jen in Prague

very full stomachs, we took another walk. But by then we were starting to run out of steam, if for no other reason than because right now Prague is unseasonably cold – I wore jeans and had to borrow a jacket from Jen. People were dressed as if it is autumn, because it feels as if it is! We kept asking “really, is it July 2?”

And so it is that we wrapped up our first full day in Prague. My favorite part of traveling is walking around and exploring, which we got to do today. What’s in store tomorrow? Well, we are still trying to decide, but certainly I will update with our activities!


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  1. Eve permalink
    July 2, 2011 5:13 pm

    Yay! You two have fun! Karin, I finally got around to looking at your Photo Excursion to Haivoron album – you really do take beautiful pictures!

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