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Lazy Sunday

May 22, 2011

I had a guest for the weekend, which automatically led to a couple of small celebrations. I mean, I don’t often have overnight guests, and as she had come just to see me, we had to indulge in a couple of things. Friday night was chicken night – sounds crazy, but it is an indulgence for me.

Yesterday the weather started out warm and sunny, and we decided a long walk was in order. With pit stops along the way at the bazaar (to get her some flip flops, which I still never wear), a clothing store, another store, and a shoe store. She got a fabulous dress and shoes for her school’s Prom next weekend – can’t wait to see the pics!

By this time, the weather had started to turn, she was getting hungry, and I was getting tired so we decided to splurge and buy some ground beef (I can actually buy that here! Though this was my first time actually doing so) and flat bread, and that we would use my last taco seasoning packet and make tacos. They were certainly not the same as tacos you get in the U.S., but they were delish. At one point, she said we were eating like bachelors this weekend – chicken, chips and beer on Friday, tacos and beer on Saturday. Except we also put veggies in our tacos…but overall yeah, not my usual eating patterns. Meh, better to jazz things up sometimes…

Today we had every intention of going out and about again until we looked out the window, saw sun,  then heard and saw rain (at the same time as the sun). Hmm. Perhaps not the best day to go out and explore…

It is fine though because it was nice to have a lazy Sunday with a friend, watching a couple of movies (this weekend I introduced her to Volunteers, Some Like it Hot, and Julie and Julia). She introduced me to the Snickers bar that has hazelnuts in it – how did I not know about this before now?

It is also likely good for me as I am still fighting this cold, or whatever it is. Really hoping I win the battle soon.

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  1. Cherry Markovich permalink
    May 22, 2011 11:56 am

    We’ve gotten 4 inches of rain so far this weekend and it’s raining so hard right now that our front yard is a lake.
    Glad you’ve enjoyed the seasonings!

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