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Off the ledge

May 19, 2011

Yesterday, after writing my blog entry, I contacted one of my old supervisors, who now acts as a mentor to me. The interesting thing about my relationship with this man is that when I worked with him, we fought like crazy – I think I drove him crazy, and sometimes he did the same to me. But since that time, he has been one of my biggest advocates, and biggest supporters when I need advice.

Luckily for me, he was not only online, but is currently in a timezone that is only one hour behind me. So he called me on Skype, and we chatted for 40 minutes. He reminded me of a few things that, without him or someone like him prodding me, I can sometimes forget. One of the things he reminded me of was my long-term goal, and how my Peace Corps service relates to it.

Now, don’t get the wrong impression – my feeling for one day (or even two, or seven) in a less than positive way about my life here does not mean I am going to throw in the towel. As he reminded me, “you’re tougher than that.”  But at the exact moment when I needed it, not only did I have people writing supportive comments on my post, but I also had someone supporting me, via Skype, and sending me a virtual hug (which was badly needed, in lieu of a real one).

Today was not a wonderful day, but it was not as bad as I anticipated. Is that a good or a bad thing – anticipating the worst? I mean, when you do, and the worst comes, you are not surprised. When you do, and the worst does not come, you are relieved.

So I press on, and continue to try to make tomorrow a better day. I realized today that I am eleven months into my service – that means in thirteen months I will likely be returning to the U.S. (unless I get an overseas job, fingers crossed).

I still have a lot to do in the next year!

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