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The dustbowl

March 25, 2011

It seems like it was not very long ago that I wrote a blog entry titled “rubber boots”, and described how the snow was starting to melt, leaving puddles and wet ground in the city where I live, thus leading to the need to find and purchase some transition/wet weather boots. Perhaps I was too hasty in that.

Lately, the city has been pretty dusty. Since the snow melted, there has been no rain. Plenty of cloudy days, but no rain. Now, I am not the biggest fan of rain, in general. But that first rain of the Spring is always nice, because it cleans up the dirt and such that was left behind after the snow melted. But with no rain since last fall, and none anticipated in the near future, the city has become a bit of a dustbowl. All of the sand that people threw on the sidewalks and streets for traction during the winter remain, and when we get a windy day (we have had a lot of those lately), it whips up and around. It reminds me a bit of when I lived in a village during my training – I was always shocked at how much dirt came out of my clothes when I would wash them…the wind, it seemed, just blew the dirt right into my clothing, where it took up residence.

As far as the rubber boots go, I eventually did find a pair of them, which are actually made of silicone, I found out. Unluckily for me, they are not especially watertight – in other words, they leak. But with my other option being either my clog-type shoes or my winter boots, I wear them anyway. They are fun and they are easy to walk in. When I told my co-workers that they leak, one of them said “oh that’s okay, it hardly ever rains in Kirovograd.” After thinking about it and paying attention to the weather in the past month, I realized that she is right – it doesn’t rain very often here. It’s interesting because around this area, it is agricultural, with many crops (from wheat to sunflowers) grown. So perhaps I was too hasty in purchasing those, and should have gone for the Ukrainian-style, stiletto heels instead. I certainly would have fit in that way, though walking would have been difficult.

With the cloudy days and the dry spell, winter has been hanging on tight (though not as tight as in Northern Ukraine, where it snowed today). Being a big fan of warmth, I am starting to tire of wearing turtlenecks and sweaters every day, and tights under my trousers or jeans. I almost wish for a nice rainstorm, which would effectively herald the arrival of Spring, which is taking its time arriving. I long to be able to wear only one layer, to be able to open my windows and let in the air. I look forward to an upcoming trip to Western Ukraine and then Poland, as maybe I will be able to experience warmth and green colors instead of the brown and greys here.

Until then, I remain in the dustbowl.

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  1. March 25, 2011 6:53 am

    Now imagine instead of dust, to have sand. And instead of people speaking Ukranian/Russian they are speaking Arabic/Kurdish. And they live in houses that look like the Flintstones built them. And some cows. Then you would be in Iraq. 🙂

    • March 25, 2011 7:25 am

      Well, since I live in a city, there are no cows here. Though you can find the occasional rooster, and I have seen goats walking on a couple of the more far-flung roads. It is also not quite as hot here as it is there, I believe…

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