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Early thaw?

February 6, 2011

On Friday night, I decided that I wanted to sleep past 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, so I put on an eye cover (saved from my one experience flying World Business Class in 2007) and went to bed. Late (thus the reason I wanted to sleep past 7). It was with surprise that I woke up and saw that the clock read 9:52 (that is in the a.m. – I did not sleep THAT long). For some reason though, I felt somewhat refreshed yesterday, even though I spent the day either working on things for my assignments (first guest lecture of the semester coming up on Wednesday on the minimum wage in the U.S.), trying to do Rosetta Stone (it froze, dammit – I think because of the slow connection on my computer) or watching movies while conjugating verbs and making signs to put up in my room (that all fall down anyway because the tape they have here kind of sucks). So refreshed and productive, even though I was also feeling lazy for not venturing too far from my living space.

But I did go out on an errand to the store and imagine my surprise when I found myself too warm! A happy surprise indeed. And I look out my window today (I finished my presentation for Wednesday – yippee! I think it will be interesting for them) and see that a good deal of the snow we had has melted. This is good news, as it provides a person with motivation to get out and walk more. As nice as it was yesterday and today (6 degrees Celcius today – that is 42 Farenheit), there was/is still some ice covering on the roads and sidewalks (which was rapidly becoming slush), and that is just no fun for walking. Neither are the heavy boots that I have, though they are good for warmth. Especially when layered with wool socks.

I don’t know whether the groundhog saw his shadow a few days ago, but I am hopeful that spring will come soon – after all, on the Ukrainian calendar, Spring begins on March 1 – that means the snow should be gone, right?

All in all, I cannot complain, because this winter has not been anywhere near the winters I experienced in the Midwest, much less the one they are experiencing now.

The good news is, I did not walk around yesterday and today feeling heavy in the limbs (weight of the boots notwithstanding), or perpetually exhausted. Is it the chicken I have been eating, to have SOME sort of protein? Is it the Vitamin D tablets (and Acai Berry, and Calcium, and Hair-Skin-Nails Formula, and Multi) that I have been taking? Is it a combination of all of them?

I think my lighter feeling comes from knowing that Spring is coming – even inside, I can feel the difference (I have hardly run my space heater today). I hear the birds starting to make noise again (birds other than the crows that have been here all winter).  The long grey day is nearly done!


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  1. Mom permalink
    February 6, 2011 10:25 am

    Yippee for global warming. Ukraine is getting warmer and the U.S. is getting colder. We got two more inches last night. The warmest it’s been is close to 30 and that was part of one day. Today it’s in the 20’s and hooray, we went for a walk. Glad you are having spring. Ours comes in another two months…..

  2. February 7, 2011 1:35 am

    Well, it is only Feb.7, so nasty surprises could still be in store. But it is nice to have hope

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