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No place like home?

January 31, 2011

As of about an hour and a half ago, I am back in my room, with the heater running. Since arriving I have accomplished all of taking a shower, eating a bowl of cereal, and getting online. Such ambitions I have.

It is strange, that even returning to my abode here in Kirovograd now feels like home. After being gone for a week in Cairo, it was nice to get back to my own bed (such as it is). Same with today – we entered the city limits and I realized that although I may relish the thought of living in another city, like a couple of the cities I have visited, for better or for worse, Kirovograd is my home here and it was nice to return to familiar territory, and to my little room(s).

Getting here was not painful at all – just long. The train from Konotop to Kyiv stopped at the place where I needed to be to catch a bus back to Kirovograd, so I did not even have to get on the Metro today (thankfully, as I had my computer backpack and a duffle bag with me).

So the laundry is soaking, and I am taking advantage of a little more time to relax before I have to hit it again – being gone for a week, working one week, being gone for another week – it has felt a bit like a three-week vacation. That has ended, as not only am I returning to the library tomorrow, but classes are in session again at the university and college, so I will soon be conducting the guest lectures I promised them. I have suddenly become an “economics expert” – I think because I have an MBA. I would probably feel more comfortable speaking about democracy but…gotta earn my living space, as I have said, so I will be doing much talking about economics this semester. Who knows – maybe by the end of the semester I actually will be an expert (ha ha ha)…

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