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The still of the night

January 30, 2011

Throughout my life, because of various moves, activities, sports, etc., I have slept in many different places. As an adult, I did much less of this, and for a while, I had my own very comfortable bed in my own very comfortable house, and did not do a lot of sleeping in “strange” beds. Coming to Ukraine changed all of that, of course, and I am back into the traveler, or nomad, mode.

When I first arrived, I slept in a bed at the “santorium” where we had our arrival retreat. Then I slept in a divan/bed at my  host family’s house, which I appreciated when I saw the beds that other people slept on, and appreciate all the more now. I have also slept on the ground, when I went camping (which is not in my plans to do again. Ever).

I appreciate that pull out double bed at my host family’s house now because since June last, I have been sleeping on what appear to be progressively narrower spaces (though unfortunately I have not become any narrower).  Since arriving to site, I have lived in (1) a dormitory for visiting professors, (2) a dormitory for visitors for conferences, and (3) an “arrival apartment” for new professors (also located in a dorm building). While the sleeping accommodations were fine, they weren’t real beds, per se, or not beds as I would define them. They remind me a great deal of the beds I slept on in my first two host families in Denmark (at my third host family there I had a proper double bed, which was like heaven after eight months of foam beds).

So what’s the reason for all the pillow talk (yuk yuk yuk)? Well, when I was at language refresher this past week, I slept in an actual bed again. Though it was not very large, it was comfortable, and though I went to bed late, I awoke early and, in general, did not feel tired through the day as I tend to do. This weekend, at my friend’s place, I have been sharing her pull-out divan and while I was outside this evening, in the snow, after laying around like a slug for most of the day, I started to think about beds, for some reason. And we know how dangerous it is for me to think.

But tonight, my thoughts were once again related to how lucky we are as Americans that we take something as simple as a comfortable bed for granted. It helps us to get a good night’s rest, which we all know is important for proper functioning during the day. They feel nice to lay on. We can put fancy sheets on them (mine were not fancy but my favorites were bamboo, which got softer with each wash). We make them multi-functional, and they end up serving as more than simply something on which to sleep. We read in them, watch television in them, make love in them (if we are lucky), eat in them, work in them, and so many other things.

I sometimes wonder why I feel tired all the time. Is it the weather? Is it the lack of sunlight? Or is it the fact that, no matter how many hours I sleep, I just never feel quite rested? Could it be my bed? I will attribute my ongoing fatigue to that, since I generally eat well and take a bunch of vitamins, which my mom sent to me.

Whatever the reason, I can say that the first time I get to sleep in a proper, comfortable bed again, I think I will not want to get out of it for about a week.

Happy sleeping, everyone!

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  1. Mom permalink
    January 30, 2011 6:27 pm

    Do you have pillows? Can you get a few extra and put them under your body to cushion the top of the bed? Anything would help, it would seem.

  2. January 30, 2011 11:13 pm

    A couple of nights in the cold eating MREs sleeping under the stars would change the attitude of a lot of Americans. Or a coupld of nights listening to mortars and rockets hit all around you would also make people appreciate what they have. 😉

  3. Renate Strina permalink
    January 31, 2011 5:46 am

    Well, a message about beds was about the last thing I thought you’d write about while in Ukraine, but it was entertaining nonetheless ***wink smile***. Ever slept in a sleep number bed? I agree with you, a good night’s sleep is very important! I’m sorry that you are feeling fatigued most of the times. Do you have a chance to exercise at all and if so, what kind of exercise (walking from the other posts I have read, but any other form of exercise)?

    Greetings, Renate

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