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Dance dance baby

December 20, 2010

Okay, so today’s title is a bit cheesy, but since I wrote “Ice ice baby” a couple of weeks ago I figured I would go tongue-in-cheek and re-use the reference. For those of us who actually remember the reference…

After six months of living in Kirovograd, I finally learned where the local House of Culture is. Or one of them; perhaps there is more than one. So I am either really slow on things or…Kirovograd is an oblast center and not everyone even knows of this House of Culture, much less thinks to share the information with an American.

One of the advanced dancers

A friend from the Technical University invited me to come see her dance students at an exhibition and exam concert. Basically, it was exams for the students who were in certain levels of classes, and exhibition for the more advanced students.

So I went, and once again am grateful to have been included. What fun! They started with the smallest children – the three and four year olds. I remembered all the dance classes I took as a child and was sorry I had to stop. I also sometimes still think how it would be fun to take dance classes again, though the thought of having to go up in front of an audience for an “exam” is not a fun one!

Something that, to me, is sometimes more interesting at events like this is not necessarily what is going on ONSTAGE  that is as interesting as some of the things that are going on offstage, or in the audience. Events like these are, to

At the stage

me, a bit of a gold mine and I like to take photos of people. I tried to take photos of the dancers but the lighting was not fabulous and many of them turned out blurry (if you would like to see the ones that did turn out fairly well, there is a Picasa album of the photos).

So another surprisingly eventful weekend. Friday was the photo exhibit opening and dinner with new acquaintances, Saturday was dinner with the group of Peace Corps Volunteers from the oblast, and Sunday was the dance concert and Russian practice with Yulia and Anna. Of course, that may have been more an excuse to socialize than an actual lesson, but I did learn while we were speaking!

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