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Fluffy white flakes

December 17, 2010

For a while, I was beginning to think that Kirovograd had some sort of magic bubble protecting it from snow. I kept seeing forecasts for snow, and saw photos of snow in other parts of Ukraine (including the Crimea, where apparently “it never snows in December”). Yet, in Kirovograd, save for one day with a light snowfall, which immediately was turned to ice by the next day’s rain and then freeze, we remained grey. It seemed that the snow went around us but never actually came through Kirovograd.

The other night, I was invited to a friend’s apartment, where four of us shared a bottle of wine, some bread and cheese, and of course, no evening would be complete without chocolate. We had some good conversation, and then it came time to leave. When we walked out into the hallway and looked out the window, we saw…snow!

Big fluffy white flakes. The kind of snow that is easy to shovel, and fun to ski on.

Because I have been wearing my boots, snow or no snow (because damn, it’s getting cold!) I was prepared – much more so than the people who wear the boots that are cute but dangerous – the platforms, the four-inch heels. By the way, they are still wearing those boots – I guess it is snow and ice be damned, we want to look cute!

I was happy with the snow we got – it put a clean white layer on everything, and added a bit of frosting to the “New Year’s Tree” that was put up in the main square of the city. This, by the way, is an artificial tree, and I have photos of them erecting said tree. So between the ornaments that decorate the tree and the snow that is on it, it looks real, and very festive.

Mother Nature must have decided that the two inches of snow we got that night were not enough, as this morning, when I disembarked from the marshrutka, I walked into more snow! It is falling at a pretty good rate now, and I imagine we will see some good accumulation.

This snow, however, is not all good news. I mean, I’ll be honest, the quality of the roads and sidewalks here is well…not great, and to add a layer of snow to them increases the danger factor by about a thousand. Marshrutkas and cars start to slide on the streets, which from what I can see, will never see a plow.

But regardless of that fact…it feels more like winter with the snow. I mean, if it is going to be cold, we should have the snow to go along with it, right?

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  1. Mom permalink
    December 18, 2010 8:37 am

    So happy for you. We have 3 feet of white stuff in our yard. It is pretty, though.

  2. Renate Strina permalink
    December 20, 2010 12:00 pm

    Karin, we have more snow today, Dec. 20th … by some time tomorrow, we’ll have accumulated between 20 – 28 inches of snow… as your mom write: it looks pretty, but driving through it when it falls – ‘No, thank you!’ More greetings, Renate

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