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Another new place

November 6, 2010

Today I am so very grateful for Sofia. Last night, she came to my “old” room, and we had dinner, then she spent the night, as she was helping me to move this morning. So this morning, the time came, a couple of students helped us to carry my things over. She also helped me unpack. Then she REALLY helped me out, when I needed it the most.

On Thursday, when I had been checking out the room, I had been shown the couch, and told that it opens up into a bed. Perhaps I should have tested this theory on Thursday, but I trusted that it was indeed the truth, and that the couch would indeed become a bed. And I guess in its way, it did. While unpacking, I felt a need to check the couch/bed, and tried to pull it out, and fold down the back, as logic dictated.

It was terrible.

Not only was the couch broken, so if any weight had been put on half of it, it would collapse, but the back part, that folded down for half the bed, looked as if someone had either (1) vomited or (2) (pardon the graphics) shit on it, and then folded it back up. It was disgusting. Luckily, Sofia was still there, so when we called in the woman, she helped to translate what was going on, and the fact that I was NOT going to sleep on this nasty thing, and that I wanted a new bed. The woman who works the front, poor woman, who had to deal with this, brought in someone (who I assume is responsible for maintenance), and he looked at it, and said nothing could be done until Tuesday.

I said I don’t think so. I asked what I was supposed to sleep on until that time, as this was clearly not acceptable. He and the woman said they would have to call the director of the building (the one who had promised me that the room would be ready, including a space heater that is not here). I said please do, as the room is not in fact ready, as she promised it would be. Perhaps she was distracted, as her birthday was on Thursday. Whatever the reason, the room was no ready.

So they called the woman, and in fairly short order, the couch was removed (leaving behind more nastiness UNDER it), we cleaned the room, and the bed I had slept on in the other room was brought in. Bed issue resolved (at least for now – we will see what happens on Tuesday).

Then I looked for the electical outlets. There is one in the room. One. Okay, fine, so I tried to plug in my power strip – it did not work. Apparently the outlet is an “old” style, and I needed to get an adaptor. However, there are other outlets in the “suite” that are “newer”, unluckily for me, just not the one in my room.

So, with Sofia still with me, I went to the bazaar and purchased the needed adaptor, for the one plug in my new room.

Suffice it to say, after working for six days, no real days off, having to move twice in two weeks, etc., I have pretty much about had it. On my way home from the bazaar I got myself some wine in a box (which is not all that bad here, really, especially considering the price), and was looking forward to coming home and doing not a whole lot. Cooking up some food, relaxing, maybe taking a bath in my tub. As it is, at the moment, I am sitting with my second glass of cheap wine, smelling the garbage smell through the window. Oh yes, my room is about 50 yards away from the garbage bins. Apparently they still smell in the colder weather, through a window. G-d knows that they will be like in the summer. What can I use to counteract the smell?

However, on my way home from the bazaar, I ran into Julia from the Technical University, and a friend of hers. They invited me to meet them in the center of the city at 7:00. How can I refuse such an offer? They are so nice, and it was so kind of them to ask. So…maybe tomorrow I will get to rest. And study. And work.

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  1. Heidi permalink
    November 6, 2010 11:05 am

    I would ask for some scented oil sticks from friends… anything nice and smelly good… I would recommend wall flowers from Bath and Body Works, but it would use one outlet, a limited commodity. 😦 In the meantime, I would keep your eye out for small things in the area markets that you like and you can use to make your room yours and lovely despite the location of the trash bins. And if it makes you feel better, it could be worse, you could be 50 feet from a pig farm and flies. Or somewhere always hot and where eating flies is a daily meal. 🙂

  2. Mom permalink
    November 7, 2010 3:53 pm

    Well, if there is an adjoining room, put your bed in it! To heck with the administration. Let them come in and enjoy the smell. Alternatively, is there such a thing as “plastic wrap” there. Price or not (I’d even send you the money), cover your window with it, as some people do to keep the cold air out in winter (heaven knows what that will bring).
    Also, invite Vika to dine with you in your room and sit in the window. See how she feels. Maybe she’ll put a word in for you in terms of juxtaposing your room situation without moving.
    And remember, “it could be worse.”

    • November 8, 2010 1:53 am

      The adjoining room faces the same rubbish bins, so next summer, this won’t help, when it is so hot the windows must be open for air flow. Oh well.

      I have not seen plastic wrap here. I have seen taped windows.

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