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October 12, 2010

You may have noticed that I am suddenly posting entries on a daily (or nearly) basis, and wonder where the sudden burst of inspiration came from. Part of the reason I am posting so often is that I suddenly found that I have some things to say, for an assortment of reasons. Another is that, after the first few days, I decided that I would try to post something worth reading more often than once a week or once every two weeks.

Now, this commitment is not without its challenges. For example, since the beginning of the month, I have been without Internet access at home – the lifeblood of a PCV in Ukraine. I also have not had it at the university where I have been. So, a challenge indeed. However, as I have been spending more time in other locations, I still have Internet during the day, and you are all not being deprived of my wit and wisdom, excepting on the days when I am not in this office.

The larger challenge is the “worth reading” part of my commitment. Many people understand my humor, many don’t, so whether you feel recent posts are worth reading is, of course, a subjective determination. And of course, merely being notified that I have updated the blog is not necessarily inducement to you to then click and read the blog. After all, I may be overdoing it, and people may react with “what? She’s posted AGAIN? What else can she have to say this week?”  I guess I can check the blog stats and see if my readership waxes or wanes to find out whether this “too much of a good thing” phenomenon is occurring (again, assuming you consider these posts a good thing).

Alternatively, some of you may be waiting on the proverbial pins and needles to see what I come up with. Ah yes, creativity. I have found mine reawakened this past week and a half, but of course, we all have our down days. Or days in which we want to write about something, but do not feel we have enough information to do so effectively.

So. The other day was October 10, 2010 – an event that does not happen very often, and much was made of this date. Indeed, I saw a news story on TV that showed a mass wedding that was held in South Korea. I am sure there were mass weddings held in other places too, but that is the one that was on Ukrainian TV news. So what was so special about that date? I decided to take a few minutes and look into this, and found some interesting answers. One person wrote:

“October 10, 2010 has a distinctive number sequence. There is the fact that the number 10 is represented three times, and that only three different digits appear: the 0, the 1 and the 2. There are also noteworthy “coincidences” among the hidden numbers. For example, the 0 and the 2 dominate what we refer to as Challenges — numbers whose presence denotes obstacles and difficulties we have to overcome in order to grow and move forward.”

I assume this is the language of numerologists, because honestly – huh?

He continues to say “If we do a Karmic table, we notice that all numbers 3 and higher are missing, and that the number 1 is by far the most represented (the 0 doesn’t count in a Karmic table). Finally, the Universal cycles are 3 (for the year), 4 (for the month) and 5 (for the day). All of this tells us that the Universal cycles for 10-10-10 are aligned in a way that their influences are more or less bundled — like a spotlight as opposed to a regular light bulb — and therefore will be more effective and specific. The question, of course, is what kind of effect they will have on our lives.”

(Scratching my head).

I consider myself a pretty level-headed person, though also open-minded. I guess I would need to do some serious learning about Numerology to understand what this guy is saying.

I took another approach,  and did another web search, only to come up with someone who looks at 10/10/2010 from a number of perspectives – mathematical, psychological, historical, and “Singularity Summary.” Hmm. This could be interesting.

I then discovered that the larger part of his page was devoted to the comments people sent in response to his surveys. I feel no real need to advertise this guy’s site, so if you want to see it, just go to Google and type in “October 10, 2010 significance” and his is the first page result (I wonder how much that cost him?).

I don’t know about you all, but October 10 was a cold and rainy day here, one which is good for hiding under the covers and watching the BBC Miniseries of “Pride and Prejudice”. Which is exactly what I did.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    October 12, 2010 8:49 am

    It was Dave’s birthday. He turned 47. Would have been cool if he was 20. Then, I could officially be called a cougar. Ha – Ha

  2. Mom permalink
    October 13, 2010 3:12 pm

    We were on a very bumpy road returning home from Ely, MN. Hmmm….bumpy road on 10/10/10? AND, the dog was car sick–ugh. The end of the day was welcomed in our own lovely yard and has been much better since. So much for bundling.

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