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Spring and Kyiv

May 3, 2010

Written on May 1:

Though the calendar may have said it was Spring back in March sometime, today Spring finally arrived in Kyinka. I had been starting to wonder whether it was actually going to happen, though I had been assured many times that Ukraine gets really hot in the summer (and, people pointed out, there is no air conditioning). This all sounded very attractive during the past couple of weeks, when I was so cold that I finally broke down and got out the two turtlenecks I had packed.

Despite the cold weather, though, the cherry trees bloomed, as did the daffodils, and now the tulips. This is my favorite part of Spring – after the snow has melted and dreary, cold, rainy days have passed, when it is sunny and everything is starting to bloom. I wish I could capture the images as well as I see them with my eyes, but I fear my camera does not have the ability to exactly reproduce human sight, close as it seems to come. Yet I tried, and saved the photos to the Kyinka album on Picasa.

I also have an album started of photos I have taken in Kyiv, on trip one, which was last Wednesday. I will get captions to them as soon as I can, but it may not be as of the time this is posted.

Training continues, and week four is complete. For the next three weeks, we will have a different language instructor, as they rotate them to give us the experience of another person.  However, our technical facilitator remains the same.

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  1. Gail permalink
    May 3, 2010 8:29 am

    I love the pictures!!! They are so fantastic. I can’t wait to show Sadie. She is really liking looking at the pictures, etc. It is so cool for her to see her native country through your eyes. Obviously, being only 6 months old when she left Ukraine, she can’t remember anything about Ukraine and this is giving her a real opportunity to experience her other country. Thank you so much!!

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