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Trinity Cathedral

April 18, 2010

Written April 16, 2010

Today the rest of the people in my group and I went into Chernihiv and took a tour of the catacombs there along with the people from our “link cluster”. A few of us also climbed the bell tower steps, which are not so fun for a person who has height issues, but I survived and got some great photos. I am very glad that I bit the bullet and invested in the DSLR before I left, as I was able to get photos in the catacombs without using a flash, and was also able to take some photos inside the church without using a flash. After that we went to a pizza place that was recommended to us, and ran into a group of the youth developers there. Apparently there are about five places in the central Chernihiv area that people continually recommend for the Peace Corps Trainees, as after the pizza place, Gary and I went to the Internet café (without computers, unfortunately) and ran into another of the CD groups. So, with the group we ran into at the monastery, that was three other groups we ran into today. Gary and I ended up staying, along with Seth (from Cluster D), until after 7. It was nice to have a few beers, relax, and not worry about doing homework. Of course that just means that I will have to do all the homework tomorrow, but it was nice to have the day off.

Photos of Chernihiv at Picasa:

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